On Friday 29th March Salvo presented their 4th concert at Lutterworth Methodist church.


In a newly decorated and full church hall the band started the evening with the well known and much loved march 'Praise' (Wilf Heaton). An absolutely cracking start to the evening, immediately grabbing the audiences attention under the baton of our associate conductor, Gary Rose.


A complete mood change followed with the piece 'Lacus Lenitatis' (or 'Lake of Tenderness' for the one or two of you out there who's first language is not Latin!!), from the pen of Ben Hollings. A stunning piece in a very choral style under the direction of our MD, John Broadhurst.


Following on, it was the turn of the audience to join us in the singing of 'How Great Thou Art'. Obviously stirred by the previous piece, it was apparent everyone was enjoying their singing.


Once everyone had settled we moved straight on with 'Make His Praise Glorious' arranged by William Gordon. A very upbeat piece which is as much fun to play as it is to listen to. The arrangement encapsulates the words perfectly: 'Praise the Lord of heaven, Praise the Lord of earth, Praise Him for His mighty power, Praise Him for His works'.  


Then we moved onto the first of the bands solo items in the form of a Cornet trio entitled 'The Victors', and was brought to us by Alan Losh, Graham Smith and Chris Smith. Even though composed in 1977 by the considerable pen of Bruce Broughton, it is still very much a 'crowd pleaser' today and the team delivered in every respect!


Next up was the hymn tune 'Deep Harmony'. A very simple hymn tune but absolutely stunning to listen to. This time around it was played with three contrasting verses, with the euphs taking the tune the second time through and the basses holding a sustained note to take us into the final verse. So effective.


Obviously this had given our principal cornet, Alan Losh, time to recover so he was up next with 'This is my story'. A solo in true Latin American style which sounds deceptively easy. With Alan playing it was a walk in the park and the audience loved it!  

'Gigue - Alleluia Amen', by Brian Hogg, followed moving us a continent or two from Latin America to Ireland! A total change musically, but one Michael Flatley would have loved!  


Next up was our principal euphonium Andy Scott. The solo was 'La Belle Americaine', and because it was me (the author of this piece!) stood there, all I'll say is I started when Gary brought me in and finished when he cut me off at the very end!! Additionally I will say the band sounded great, Gary's conducting was amazing and the audience had sympathetic smiles all he way through. At the end they (thankfully) clapped so I sat down. Moving on!!


Then we were straight back over the Atlantic to America for 'West Side Story'. A piece that needs no introduction and uses the songs 'America' and 'Somewhere' as the main themes. This is a piece the band have only recently started using but have really enjoyed.


Interval. 10 minutes to chat to the audience and chill.


The second half started with 'The Greatest Showman', music from the very recent film that people obviously knew and enjoyed.


Then came something in complete contrast, SalSalvation, from Andrew Mackereth. This has been written for brass band to emulate the style of Stan Kenton's big band. The piece itself is based around two Salvation Army tunes that are associated with the word 'salvation'; 'Steadily forward march!' and 'Hark, hark, my soul'.


And for our final soloist of the evening, our principal trombone, Steve Grainger. Steve presented the solo 'You can't stop God', by Kevin Larsson.  Kevin has taken one of his father's tunes and arranged it in the style of a Cuban bolero with the instruction that it is played at 100 beats per minute (or slower!). Certainly not easy to do at the end of a concert, but thoroughly mastered and very much enjoyed by the audience.


Now we always like to end on a high note, and tonight was no exception. Under the baton of Gary Rose the band presented Leslie Condons timeless piece 'The Call of the Righteous' based on the old gospel tune "When the Roll is Called Up Yonder".  Not only were the band uplifted at the end but those listening certainly felt it too. Once the applause had died down the band brought the evening to a close with their signature piece, the march 'Montreal'. A thoroughly enjoyably evening all round.


A big thankyou again to the Lutterworth Methodist Church for inviting us and looking after us so well. Also for booking us again for next year ... we look forward to it!


We would also like to mention the money raised on the evening went to a very good cause, the church's community programme which they run throughout the week.