June.  2019

June has been a busy month for the band with the annual participation at the Saddleworth Whit Friday Marches and concerts at Stockport and Derby Central SA.


Whit Friday – Friday 14th June.   The band completed its usual ‘6’ venues. The weather was mixed but didn’t dampen spirits and the band was well received and gave a good account of themselves.  Apart from the good standard of bands participating the other challenge is always trying to navigate the venues with over a 100 bands competing.  The march chosen for the stand was Jakeway’s – ‘Rosehill’.  Although no prizes awarded, feedback from the adjudicator’s were very encouraging: -

‘Stylish performance’ – ‘Good sounds with good broad style which works well’ : ‘Dynamic contrast is good to hear’ : ‘Very high quality indeed’ : ‘Secure playing’ : ‘This is a well-rehearsed band’.  

We take those comments and will work on them for next year!


The following day (Saturday 15th) we presented a concert at Stockport Citadel.  Again the weather was poor but we received a tremendous welcome from the folk there.  We were able to arrive early in order to set-up and a climatize to the surroundings.  The hall could take a big sound and was acoustically one of the best we’d played in and so we were very much looking forward to the concert.  The combination of the Songsters and Dovecourt singers were to participate in the programme.

A goodly crowd gathered and showed their pleasure by quickly responding to the band items.  Soloists for the night, Alan Losh, Cornet trio – Loshie, Graham Smith and Chris:  Andy Scott, Robert Foster and Steve Grainger were again on ‘top-form’.  Such was the success of the evening that the band have been invited back.


Programme:- for both Stockport & Derby.


Hymn Tune setting - Margaret

Prayer/Welcome/ Intros.

Cong Song: Majesty (52)

Gigue-Alleluia, Amen!

The Victors (Cornet Trio)

La Belle Americaine (Euph: Andy Scott)

This is my Story (Cornet: Alan Losh)

Stockport Singers/Derby Central Songsters




You can’t stop God (Trom: Steve Grainger)

Stockport Singers/Derby Central Songsters


Under the Boardwalk (Flugel: Robert Foster)

Lead, Kindly Light

The Call of the Righteous

Montreal Cit.


Visit to Derby Central SA. – Saturday 29th June.  

A fortnight later saw the band presenting a concert at Derby Central on a very warm and barmy evening!  We were to be joined by the Corps Songsters who contributed songs in contrasts in both halves of the programme.  This was the band’s third visit and a ‘home coming ‘ for ‘3’ of the members of the band.  Over the years Salvo has had members from the Derby Corps who have served us well so we’ve maintained a good connection.  It was a very warm evening and white shirts were the order of the day.  The hall at Derby is a very traditional ‘army’ hall with the sound vibrating around the hall quite easily, perhaps suiting some pieces more than others!  Nevertheless the crowd were keen to show their appreciation to each item.


This was the band’s last concert for this season so ending on a good note!